SingleSource Customer Engagement

Everything You Need For Data-Driven Customer Engagement.

Automated customer engagement

Improves response times and customer experiences, reduces risk and expands your business in a sustainable way.

Our cloud-based customer engagement platform provides a 100% fully automated customer experience. Simple, personalized, interactive solutions and strategies improving the experience your customers have as they interact with your brand. Eliminate pain points in customers transactions and significantly reduce costs.

Customer Experience that Creates Results

Easy, interactive, and digital turnkey solutions designed to improve the experience of your customers as they interact with your brand, by whatever methods used.

Payment Reminder

Digital, cross-channel, and proactive debt recovery. Collect more, faster, and with reduced costs.

Record Sign

The first multi-channel, digital order fulfillment solution. Approve, schedule, and digitally sign documentation.

Custom Video

100% customization. Create high-value video clips to provide a unique customer experience by video, SMS, email, or web push. Click on a call to action or talk to a call center agent.

Video Sign

Personalized videos, in real-time, with an electronic signature. Simplify the sales, marketing, and purchasing process and reduce acquisition costs.

Survey Design

Investigate, measure, and respond quickly and efficiently to maximize your customer engagement.

Card Protect

Verify fraud alerts in real-time without having to involve your call center staff.

Everything You Need for Multi-Channel Delivery

100% Customization of Voice Messages, SMS, Email, Personalized Video, Push Notification and Fax

Opportunity is 100% committed to fully automating the customer experience, offering simple, personalized, interactive solutions, developing strategies and relevant media, with the aim of permanently improving the experience your customers have as they interact with your brand. You will become more responsive and your customers will be more proactive in their relationship with you.

These contact strategies allow you to respond to your business issues by eliminating the “pain points” in your customers’ transactions, keeping your customers happy and significantly reducing your costs.

Risk and Debt Recovery

Minimize risk, reduce payment time, optimize processes, and promote self-resolution.

Alerts and Administration

Increase the amount of information you can collect, lower your mailing costs, and speed up the process of business transactions.

New Customers

Deliver a smart and seamless customer experience to find, win, and keep new customers.

Customer Experience and Success

Digitally personalize solutions to create a successful multi-channel customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty in real-time automation.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Use your CRM to build a relationship of trust with your customers. Build an effective and sustainable strategy to avoid losing customers.