SingleSource Cloud Contact Center

Everything You Need to Make Contact with Customers

Manage regulations, technology, and consumer behavior

Contact Centers completely rely on the functionality and effectiveness of the dialing solutions supporting their agents. It’s the lifeline to the Contact Center. Why trust your Contact Center to a salesperson who can only recommend one solution? SingleSource™ can assess your contact requirements and make recommendations on solutions that best meet your unique environment.

Real-time Control and Visibility of Agents with Rich Operational Insights

Hosted solutions and contact center-specific applications allow businesses to be mobile or remote by removing the traditional confines of working in an office, allowing call centers and their employees to operate from anywhere on almost any device.


Over 10 billion+ interactions processed a year. Redundant data centers, geographically dispersed with fail over capability.


Easily add agents, customize dashboards, create and monitor teams, and maintain productivity from anywhere.


More than 100 easy-to-understand standard reports, including real-time and historical reporting options.


Move seamlessly between social media, mobile, web, video, live chat, email, and voice calls.


Get the most out of all of your applications and systems. Cloud APIs provide web connectors to other systems.

SingleSource™ Offers True Omni-Channel Technology

A single point of contact providing the most innovative and effective solutions available.

Call Centers fully depend on the reliability of their telecom services and spend more on these services than any other industry. In fact, telecommunications is the third-largest operating expense of the average call center, behind only wages and salaries. More importantly, call centers completely rely on the functionality and effectiveness of the dialer supporting their agents. Combine this technology requirement with the constantly changing industry regulations and the unique policies or charges from the telecommunication carriers and you will understand the art of managing a successful call center.

Effective Outbound Calling

Eliminate delays in calling while increasing agent productivity with capability for multiple, simultaneous predictive calls.

Priority Inbound Calling

Deliver superior customer experience with skills-based call routing. Intelligently route calls for the quickest resolution.

Personalized Interaction

All interaction channels managed by a single routing engine that enables a seamless experience across channels.

Quality Management

Ensure you are getting the best performance from your agents with our agent-centric approach to Quality Management.

Workforce Optimization

Run your contact center with advanced workforce automation tools and both real-time and historic actionable insights.

TCPA Solutions

Avoid costly litigation by giving you the tools and information you need to stay compliant and still generate results.