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Everything You Need to Communicate with Customers

Hosted PBX provides a unified experience that improves productivity and flexibility.

Our solutions are built on top of blue-chip providers like Cisco and Broadsoft, ensuring uptime, scalability, and geographic failover that is simply unavailable and unreliable on open source platforms. 100% core platform availability for calls every day. No limits to the number of users on a PBX instance regardless of where you are in the world!

A Complete Unified Experience that Improves Productivity and Flexibility

Our web-based portal lets managers quickly configure users, schedules, and notifications anywhere with a few simple clicks.

“SingleSource™ helps us do amazing things.”

“We partner with SingleSource™ to outsource things that are outside our area of expertise such as staying on top of technology, monitoring costs and contracts, and separating trends from best-practices. We can’t do it well, but their experts can.” – VP of Operations, National Contact Center

A Complete Unified Experience that Improves Productivity and Flexibility

A single point of contact providing the most innovative and effective solutions available.

100% cloud-based UCaaS solution that utilizes unique technology to unify calls, messages, meetings, faxes and business applications, ensuring no critical data is vulnerable on-site. Employees of all levels gain easy and secure access to all of the productivity-enhancing features of the system from any device. With our dedicated development team, customers receive rapid feature enhancements and enjoy free, lifetime updates.

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