“Not my circus, not my monkey,” is a saying I grew up hearing. I heard it from my grandmother and then my mom, and to my surprise nowhere else. It is a fancy way of saying, that I wont worry about it, as its not my problem. It can help compartmentalize certain things in life, make stress easier to deal with and the sort. Surprisingly I learned that it also applies in business specifically with regards to customer service.

How often have you gone to a store with a problem and been met with indifference? Not their circus, not their monkey. Or, called into a center to get service on an existing problem? Not their circus, not their monkey. In general, this attitude or company culture, isn’t malicious, but the response is indifference. It isn’t their problem, there isn’t a real consequence, so that person just doesn’t care.  The individuals are more important than solving the problem which has now been return to the customer or someone else in the company. Though, it is very much their circus and their monkey. Employees at all levels impact and are impacted by the customers they should be supporting. In turn, that impacts the bottom line, the company and eventually their job.

At SingleSource I’ve learned how much the customer means to not just this company, but to everyone in it. From making sure the customer is set up with the right software and features, to making sure contracts are to their liking and eventually making sure it is serviced to industry standards. The best example being, our CEO is a Chief Engagement Officer, not Chief Executive Officer.

It starts from the top and works its way down, to our COO John working tirelessly to make sure everything after signing the paperwork goes seamlessly. To our Director of Channel Sales Camille, making sure we get the absolute best pricing that our vendors offer. Our VP of Global Sales Matt and VP of Business Development Holly making sure each prospective client is offered services that make sense for them. Then to me, who (hopefully) is making sure to introduce you to our company with only positive things to say!

Not my circus, not my monkey. You may find that mentality elsewhere, but it has been scrubbed out at SingleSource. It is my circus, and it is my monkey, wont you join our Big Top?

Picture taken by Kathleen Tyler Conklin, posted on Flickr