Life Lessons Courtesy of  the Coronavirus.

The coronavirus has a lot of people worried, and rightfully so. During this time, we should be practicing social distancing, and we should be teaching our children what it means to be socially responsible.

In all situations you can look at the glass as half-empty or half-full. The immediate impact of the Coronavirus is one of those situations; one in which your attitude determines your outlook and your outlook determines your experience. During the last few days, in lockdown at the Lang house, I have realized there are benefits to the Coronavirus.

  1. Quality Time– This weekend, while in lockdown, my family and I played Yahtzee, raked up pine needles in the yard, cleaned out living spaces, and spent some serious quality time with each other. The simple decision to not go anywhere has been the most freeing experience or decision I’ve made in a while. When you remove the obligation to be somewhere or the option to go somewhere, you can open up to relaxing and spending quality time with your family. I didn’t realize how much I needed to stop moving, until now.
  2. Quaran-tini (Emergen-C and Vodka) – YASS QUEEN! My wife is a phenomenal bartender, so we’ve been enjoying Quaran-tinis, because let’s face it, we’re not driving anywhere!
  3. Good CLEAN habits – Let’s be honest, I wash my hands before and after each meal and after using the restroom; but I didn’t do it for 20 seconds, and I guarantee my kids didn’t either. But not anymore!!! Now we’re clean freaks! Everything has been cleaned, sanitized, and then disinfected for good measure. It’s amazing how clean your house becomes when you’re motivated to de-contaminate.
  4. A Slower Pace– My day-to-day life is crazy. I’m sure the same can be said for most of you. I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning, hit the gym, head to work, bust my butt for 8-ish hours, and afterwards, I pick up my girls from school. Then, it’s off to rehearsals, theater practice, youth group, or whatever else we have planned for the evening. There is always something going on, somewhere to go, or somewhere to be. I love the idea of not going anywhere, because I feel like life is already moving too fast. It’s a blessing to slow down and just spend time with my family.
  5. JUNK Food– My wife makes sure that as a family we eat very healthy and we don’t have a lot of junk food in the house. Well, Twinkies don’t expire, and            neither does most junk food, so that’s our long-term strategy! Twinkies, Doritos, Oreos, Hot Pockets, and TONS AND TONS of Ramen!!!

Take a minute to think about what you, and possibly your family, may potentially gain from this time off. Meditate, bake a cake, read a book, sit out on your patio with a cup of tea, watch the sunrise/sunset, call your relatives, take a nap, eat a TWINKIE! Do your part to prevent the spread of this disease, but take care of yourselves in the process.