***Obligatory spoiler warning for the anime Gurren Lagann***


Wait, Don’t Go! There Is A Point!

Now, if I haven’t lost you already, I utilize anime for inspiration and to help bolster my self-confidence. It may sound silly, but bear with me until the end. The anime Gurren Lagann is a story of human will, grit, and determination, revolting against a tyrannical foe and then going on to beat deterministic odds. In short, it’s the story of how a young boy, Simon, restores life to the humans, then saves it from an otherworldly force that would see it destroyed for its ability to evolve and grow.

We’re Getting To The Point.

However, behind this character, he has his “big bro” Kamina. Kamina is confident to Simon’s shy and passive nature. That’s where the topic of self-confidence comes in. When the chips were down, the die cast, Simon didn’t believe in himself, and it almost cost humanity its second chance. Kamina lunges at him and screams, “Let me see you grit those teeth!” as he belts him in the jaw. “Believe in the me that believes in you Simon.” Think about that statement for a second, as I believe it is one of the most powerful lines I have heard across all forms of media. Simon has friends, family, and a roster of people that believe in him, so he should believe in himself. And if he can’t, he can believe and put his faith in all those that did the same for him. It drives him to succeed; he fulfills his leg of the mission and it is a success.

But what if that isn’t enough? What if you don’t have a supporting cast as strong as Simon’s? Kamina again leaves us with, “Believe in the you that believes in yourself.” Self-confidence doesn’t just appear, its earned, it is fought for. It can, even easier, disappear, wane. You will get knocked down. You will struggle. You will need to fight. That is life, and I would challenge anyone who says they are confident in every action they do and have never struggled to believe in themselves. But in those moments, when you’re down, beaten, and a battered, “Believe in the you that believes in yourself.” That’s the thing, the self confidence is still there, it’s just hiding. Until you can fully regain it, you just need to believe in that hypothetical you, because it believes in you.

You Made It To The Part That Has Relevance!

Confidence comes in many forms, but to relate this back to business, I’m talking about the confidence to do what’s right by the customer. The ability to say, “Hey, we don’t offer what you’re looking for. I don’t think we would be a good fit for you company.” It’s not easy to turn away easy wins, but, doing right by the customer is the most important aspect of any business. After all, without the customer there is no business.

Here’s another example: “Mr. Customer, we have been working together for years. Now you want to jump ship to fix something that we’ve been telling you to fix for years?” Confidence can also be standing up for yourself, and your business. This one is easier said than done, and something I still struggle with. Clearly providing solid advice, what’s in the customer’s best interest, and not getting credit for it.

When a deal goes south; when I can’t get a hold of anyone; or if I fail to meet a deadline. Anything can shake that confidence, but every time it happens I think of the wise words spoken by a wise anime character. I believe in my ideal self; I believe in the Drew that my family, my girlfriend, my friends, and my coworkers see. They believe in me, so how can I let them down? I believe in the me that believes in myself, and you should too.